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Notice that this game have been done by a 16 years old french baguette au vin rouge for the Krass Jam 3. The theme was "you hide from princes and princesses to become the king".

If you want me i continue this game, let me know it on Twitter (@Stim853), on my Twitch Channel (Stim853) or on the comment section.

Q&A :

What did you end up learning?

How to manage myself during a Game Jam and how i should do the next time.

What were some obstacles you needed to overcome and what was something you wish you did better?

I had problems with the map (not the props but the "skeleton"). I restart 4/5 times the creation of the map and one time the AI system. I'd like to remake the level design add more props/decoration, improve the AI, the sound design and gameplay .


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